Affiliate Program

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for deciding to sign up to our Affiliate¬†ProgramūüėĄ. We here at simply humidifiers believe that People buy from People.¬†That's why we designed this program to allow our members to generate and income by referring us.


Business pay top dollars to reach their consumers,  and a major portion of those dollars go to companies such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google ect.. We believe that YOU should get that same opportunity.  Not only do we believe it, we will put our money where our mouth is. 


For every sale that is generated through your unique link, you will earn 25% of that sale. If  you refer a friend and their link generate a sale, they will receive their 25% and you will receive an additional 5% of that sale with no addition work. The more people visit your link the more you make. So whether you just need an extra $50 or if you want $5500! Its all up to you. GROWTH IS IN YOUR HANDS!!

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